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ICOLDBul. 100. Dam and environment - Ridracoli A model achievement1995
ICOLDBul. 101. Tailings Dams. Transport. Placement. Decantation - Review and recommendations1995
ICOLDBul. 103. Tailings Dams and Environment - Review and Recommendations1996
ICOLDBul. 104. Monitoring of Tailings Dams - Review and Recommendations1996
ICOLDBul. 105. Dams and related structures in cold climate - Design guidelines and case studies1996
ICOLDBul. 106. A guide to Tailings Dams and impoundments - Design, construction, use and rehabilitation1996
ICOLDBul. 108. Cost of flood control in dams - Review and recommendations1998
ICOLDBul. 110. Cost impact of rules, criteria and specifications - Review and recommendations1997
ICOLDBul. 112. Neotectonic and dams - Recommendations and case histories1998
ICOLDBul. 113. Seismic observation of dams - Guidelines and case studies1999
ICOLDBul. 114. Embankment dams with bituminous concrete facing1999
ICOLDBul. 115. Dealing with reservoir sedimentaiton1999
ICOLDBul. 116. Dams and fishes - Review and recommendations1999
ICOLDBul. 117. The gravity dam a dam for the future. Review and recommendations2000
ICOLDBul. 118. Automated dam monitoring systems. Guidelines and case histories2000
ICOLDBul. 119. Rehabilitation of dams and appurtenant works. State of the art and case histories2000
ICOLDBul. 120. Design features of dams to resist seismic ground motion. Guidelines and case studies2001
ICOLDBul. 122. Computational procedures for dam engineering. Reliability and applicability2001
ICOLDBul. 123. Seismic design and evaluation of structures appurtenant to dams. Guidelines.2002
ICOLDBul. 124. Reservoir landslides: investigation and management. Guidelines and case histories2000
ICOLDBul. 126. Roller-compacted concrete dams. State of the art and case histories2003
ICOLDBul. 127. Remote sensing for reservoir water quality management. Examples of initiatives2004
ICOLDBul. 128. Management of reservoir water quality. Introduction and recommendations.2004
ICOLDBul. 129. Dam foundations. Geologic considerations. Investigation methods. Treatment. Monitoring2005
ICOLDBul. 132. Shared Rivers: principles and practices.2007
ICOLDBul. 133. Embankment dams on permafrost. A review of the russian experience2008
ICOLDBul. 134. Weak rocks and shales in dams.2008
ICOLDBul. 135. Geomembrane sealings systems for dams. Design principles and review of experience2010
ICOLDBul. 136. The specification and quality control of concre-te for dams2009
ICOLDBul. 137. Reservoirs and seismicity. State of knowledge.2011
ICOLDBul. 138. Survelliance: basic elements in a dam safety process.2009
ICOLDBul. 140. Sediment transport and deposition in reservoirs2007
ICOLDBul. 143. Historical review on ancient dams.2013
ICOLDBul. 148. Selecting seismic parameters for large dams. Guidelines.2010
MARCEL MARYBul. 15. Frost resistance of concrete. Comarison of results obtained in different laboratories1960
ICOLDBul. 152. Cost savings in specific dams2011
ICOLDBul. 157. Small dams Design, Surveillance and Rehabilitation2010
ICOLDBul. 163. Dams for hydroelectric energy
ICOLDBul. 164. Internal erosion of existing dams, levees and dikes, and their foundations. Vol. 1. Internal erosion processes and engineering assessment.2013
ICOLDBul. 165. Selection of materials for concrete in dams.2013
ICOLDBul. 166. Inspection of dams following earthquake - guidelines2016
ICOLDBul. 20. Surface-active admixtures for concrete for large dams1968
ICOLDBul. 21. General considerations applicable to instrumenta-tion for earth and rockfill dams1969
ICOLDBul. 22. Pozzolanas and slags for concrete for large dams1972
ICOLDBul. 23. Reports of the Committee on Observation on Dams and Models1972
ICOLDBul. 24. Accelerating and retarding admixtures1982
ICOLDBul. 25. Extensibility of concrete for large dams1976
ICOLDBul. 27. A review of earthquake resistant design of dams1975
ICOLDBul. 28. Compendium of dams symbols1977
ICOLDBul. 30. Finite elements methods in analysis and design of dams1987
ICOLDBul. 31. A glossary of words and phrases related to dams1982
ICOLDBul. 32. Bituminous concrete facings for earth and rockfill dams1982
ICOLDBul. 33. Compendium for dam symbols1979
ICOLDBul. 34. ICOLD Guide for the Internatinal System of Units (IS)1979
ICOLDBul. 35. Dams and the environment1982
ICOLDBul. 36. Cements for concrete for large dams1981
ICOLDBul. 38. Use of thin membranes on fill dams1981
ICOLDBul. 39. Upstream facing interface with foundations and abutments (supplement to Bul. 32a)1981
ICOLDBul. 40. Fiber reinforced concrete1982
ICOLDBul. 41. Automated observation for the safety control of dams1982
ICOLDBul. 42. Bituminus cores for earth and rockfill Dams1982
ICOLDBul. 43. Synthetic resins for facings of dams1982
ICOLDBul. 44. Bibliography. Mine and industrial tailings dams and dumps1989
ICOLDBul. 45. Manual on tailings dams and dumps1982
ICOLDBul. 46. Seismicity and dam design1983
ICOLDBul. 47. Quality control of concrete1983
ICOLDBul. 48. River control during dam construction1986
ICOLDBul. 49. Operation of hydraulic structures of dams1986
ICOLDBul. 50. Dams and the environment - Notes on regional influences1985
ICOLDBul. 51. Filling materials for watertight cut off walls1985
ICOLDBul. 52. Earthquake analysis for dams1986
ICOLDBul. 53. Static analysis of embankment dams1986
ICOLDBul. 54. Soil-cement for embankment dams1986
ICOLDBul. 55. Geotextiles as filters and transitions in fill dams1986
ICOLDBul. 56. Quality control for fill dams1986
ICOLDBul. 58. Spillways for dams1987
ICOLDBul. 60. Dam monitoring - General considerations1988
ICOLDBul. 61. Dam design criteria - Philosophy of choice1988
ICOLDBul. 64. Register of dam heightenings1988
ICOLDBul. 65. Dams and environment - Cases histories1988
ICOLDBul. 67. Sedimentation control of reservoirs - Guidelines1988
ICOLDBul. 68. Monitoring of dams and their foundations - State of the art1989
ICOLDBul. 69. Moraine as embankment and foundation material - State of the art1989
ICOLDBul. 70. Rockfill dams with concrete facing - State of the art1989
ICOLDBul. 72. Selecting seismic parameters for large dams - Guidelines1989
ICOLDBul. 74. Tailings dams safety - Guidelines1989
ICOLDBul. 77. Dispersive soils in embankment dams - Review1990
ICOLDBul. 78. Watertight geomenbranes for dams - State of the art1991
ICOLDBul. 79. Alkali-aggregate reaction in concrete dams - Review and recommendations1991
ICOLDBul. 80. Dam construction sites. Accident prevention - Review and recommendations1992
ICOLDBul. 81. Spillways. Shockwaves and air entrainment - Review and recommendations1992
ICOLDBul. 88. Rock foundations for dams1993
ICOLDBul. 89. Reinforced rockfill and reinforced fill for dams - State of the art1993
ICOLDBul. 90. Dams and Environment - Geophysical impacts1993
ICOLDBul. 91. Embankment dams. Upstream slope protection - Review and recommendations1993
ICOLDBul. 92. Rock materials for rockfill dams - Review and recommendations1993
ICOLDBul. 93. Ageing of dams and appurtenant works1994
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