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IEC FDIS 60308 - 4/497/FDIS "Hydraulic turbines - Testing of governing systems"

International Electrotechnical Commission
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International Electrotechnical Commission
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This document is a draft distributed for approval. It may not be referred to as an International Standard until published as such. In addition to their evaluation as being acceptable for industrial, technological, commercial and user purposes, Final Draft International Standards may on occasion have to be considered in the light of their potential to become standards to which reference may be made in national regulations.
Recipients of this document are invited to submit, with their comments, notification of any relevant patent rights of which t hey are aware and to provide supporting documentation.
Recipients of this document are invited to consider for future work to include relevant “In Some Countries” clauses. Recipien ts are reminded that the CDV stage is the final stage for submitting ISC clauses. (SEE AC/22/2007 OR NEW GUIDANCE DOC).

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